Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

Exploring different cultures during Mint to Move

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate diversity while also having critical conversations around race through the power of art. Below are the values we hold ourselves to everyday…

Values We Follow










Diversity & Inclusivity

Respect & Belonging

Art as a Catalyst for Change

The Mint Museum believes art can (and should) be a catalyst for critical community conversations—and ultimately, change. As an institution, we’re committed to confronting persistent issues to build a foundation for progress. And for many of our staff, from those on senior leadership to part-time employees, this process started with self-education.

We are committed to looking both internally at changes we can make as an institution and externally to community conversations and efforts that we can be a part of.

Progress Support

North Carolina Black Artists for Liberation Progress Report

Shortly after George Floyd’s death, Mint President and CEO Todd A. Herman, PhD, wrote a statement that focused on fighting racial injustice and the role museums and artists can play in helping support dialogue. Herman later released a second statement that addressed how the Mint’s own past hasn’t lived up to the ideals we aspire to today — and what we’re doing to actively combat inequities in Charlotte and in the art world more broadly.

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