Mint 2 Move Cultural Dance Night

crowd of people dancing

History of Dance

Mint 2 Move is not just a dance party. It is an artistic and cultural experience paying tribute to artists and dance forms from Latin, African, and Caribbean countries. It is the ultimate event in Charlotte where you can experience sizzling salsa, cha cha, bachata, line dancing, live musicians, Latin rhythms, Afro-beats, and dance lessons all under one roof.


One of the most popular styles of dance rooting across the Latin culture, had it debut dating back to the early 70’s in areas of the world such as Cuba and New York. While salsa has a very textured and diverse background, its primary sound is influenced by the drum rhythms of Afro-beats with a splash of Spanish guitar and other elements, giving it an Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean flare. Salsa received its name as a resemblance of its spicy, saucy movements and textured ingredients similar to the edible salsa dip.

Cha Cha

Dated back to the 1950s in Cuba, the cha cha became its own style of Latin American dance by incorporating an additional slow step into the similar dance styles like the Mambo and Rumba, making it less complicated for people to digest. With its simple one-two-cha-cha-cha cadence, the cha cha has become the dance model that is taught in beginner dance classes as an introductory to more complex dance styles.


Bachata, both a form of dance and a genre of music, originated back to the Dominican Republic region around the 21st-century. Bachata was originally known as a party where music was played, but was not initially considered the music itself until the early 60s. This type of music was originally referred to as ‘bolero’ or guitar music and later evolved into bachata because of its added layer of rhythmic, upbeat sound. Later becoming a style of dance when the Dominicans migrated to the US, bachata remains a prominent way for Dominican’s to stay connected and express the beauty of their culture, family traditions and ability to survive through adversity.

Schedule of Events