Delhom Service League

Members of the Delhom Service League

The Delhom Service League was the ceramics affiliate of The Mint Museum from 1972 through the spring of 2022. Members enjoyed the camaraderie of a group that shared an interest in the ceramic arts while expanding their knowledge and supporting the ceramics collection of the Mint.

It was organized in 1972 by Mellanay Delhom, who came to the Mint with her historical collection in 1967. The group’s mission to create and nurture interest in ceramics, from ancient to contemporary, was achieved through presentations by nationally and internationally known speakers, including curators, educators, ceramic artists, and other experts in the field of ceramics.

The signature fundraising event for the Delhom Service League was Potters Market at the Mint. Beginning in 2005, the event delighted ceramics collectors and pottery fans alike with the opportunity to get to know dozens of North Carolina potters. The Mint Museum continues this legacy event that showcases the depth and breadth of ceramics in what has become known as The Pottery State.

Potters Market at the Mint details can be found at

Delhom Acquisitions

The Mint Museum is grateful to the Delhom Service League for funding the acquisition of numerous objects for the museum’s collection and catalogues for ceramics exhibitions and gallery tours, such as Classic Black: The Basalt Sculptures of Wedgwood and His Contemporaries. It also made contributions to the acclaimed Delhom-Gambrell Reference Library for the decorative arts.

Ceramics Series Virtual Studio Tours

Julie Wiggins

Visit potter Julie Wiggins in her studio to hear about her current work, learn about her creative techniques, and hear about some of the challenges facing potters during the pandemic.

Ceramics Series Virtual Studio Tours

Leah Leitson

Leah Leitson, ceramic artist and educator based in Asheville NC, discusses her career in ceramics from her first interest as a studio potter to her current role as Professor of Ceramics at Warren Wilson College. For more information about Leah, you can visit her website at

Ceramics Series Virtual Studio Tours

Amy Sanders & Ron Philbeck

Amy and Ron discuss their individual work, and then discuss their collaboration on a series of work created during the pandemic. While their individual work is very different, their collaborative work has been very popular and a great learning process for them both. If you would like to see more of their work, you can visit their individual websites at and

Ceramics Series Virtual Studio Tours

Steve Compton

Steve Compton discusses his history as a collector of NC pottery, and how his interest led him to become a noted researcher and author. Steve shares details about his collection of pottery, now including over 2,000 pieces, and some of the many books he has authored.