Enjoy free museum admission and activated spaces for the public opening of the exhibition Craft Across Continents | Contemporary Japanese and Western Objects: The Lassiter/Ferraro Collection

1–2 PM: Hear exhibition curator Annie Carlano in conversation with Lorne Lassiter and Gary Ferraro on their personal journey to collecting contemporary craft, their adventures across the globe, and how living with handmade functional objects and sculpture has enhanced their lives.

2–3 PM: Introducing the work of 23 artists working in ceramic, glass, jute, and bamboo, Joe Earle, Japanese art expert, will show how practice-based considerations of material and technique have interacted with local traditions and global movements to produce one of the world’s most dynamic craft ecosystems. The leaders of today’s Japanese craft scene come from varied backgrounds including hands-on training in time-honored centers of the ceramic and bamboo industries, education in multidisciplinary art colleges, or long periods of residence abroad.