Revive your routine with items from the Mint Museum Store

Revive Your Routine 

Home sweet home can feel like an overstatement these days. Whether you’ve cooked the family staples one too many times or are sick of seeing that same pair of pajamas staring back at you in the mirror, the Mint Museum Store is a treasure trove of items waiting to refresh and restore. So put on some real pants, grab your mask, and stop in at either location for something new to refresh your kitchen, office, wardrobe, or game cabinet, or check out our new online store for shopping from the comfort of home. (And don’t forget: Mint members always get 10% off every purchase, and Crown Society members get 20% off!) 

Desk Jockey 

Work-from-home tally? Too many days to count. If your makeshift workstation needs a makeover, grab a bright notebook or inspirational shelf piece—some welcome respite for your Zoom-fatigued eyes. • Black and White Playable Art Cube, $35
• Make Mistakes Small Notebook, $12
• Color Wheel Notecards, $16
• Stonewear Trivet, $8
• Modern Graphite Pencils, $8
• Desk Signs, $8
• Great Things Sticker Book, $16
• Ben Owen Egg Vase, $68

S’il Vous Play 

Suffering from puzzle fatigue? Here are a few indoor alternatives to keep you entertained, from new reading material and creative card games to a brush with the supernatural. • All Good Things Book, $24.95
• Make Art Where You Are Guide and Sketchbook, $19.99
• Dino Car Trio, $7
• Young Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists, $49.95
• Show Me The Monet Card Game, $18.99
• Gin Rummy: A Gin Lovers Card Game, $14.99

Food for Thought 

Weekly pasta bake got you down? Stock up on the new and the bold, from patterned dishware and playful towels to new cookbooks and funky serving spoons. Your kitchen can spark joy again, we promise. • Cotton Square Crochet Trivet, $9
• Lisa Oakley Glass Lemon, $65
• Brass Bee Spoon, $6
• Moustache and Stripes Spoon, $6 ea.
• Les Diner De Gala Book, (The Surrealist Cookbook) $60
• Black and White Plates, $14
• Walnut Eating Spoon, $20

Word on the Chic 

Nine months of that pajama life has been nice, yes. But as we (hopefully) head toward normalcy, nothing says “let’s leave 2020 behind” like a new pair of earrings or fancy tie. Stop by the Mint Museum Store and find your sartorial stride once again. • Rollneck Pullover Peruvian Wool Sweater, $118
• Black Box Bag with Leather Handles, $169
• Recycled Skateboard Legend Earrings, $42
• Artist Ties,, $58
• Michaelangelo Socks, $12
• Black and Cream Bracelet, $28
• Sarah Cavender Knot Pendant, $102