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Mindful Looking

Mindfulness encourages us to be more present with art, ourselves and each other.

The Mint Museum brings mindfulness to the experience of looking at art and invites you to take a restorative pause in your day and engage deeply with a work of art.

Mindful Looking is led by the Head of School & Gallery Programs, along with our trained docents. It is a small group of pre-registered visitors allowing them to take a restorative pause in the day and engage deeply with art from the museum’s collections and special exhibitions.  By limiting the number of people, it allows for a more immersive and focused experience.

Mindful Looking encourages dialogue between visitors, such as guided meditation, reflection or creative exercises that encourages them to connect with the art and their surroundings in a deeper way. Allowing them to learn from and with each other as they appreciate the work of art.

Join a Mint educator 7PM for a 45-minute mindfulness session and discussion about works on view at Mint Museum Uptown. Registration is required and limited to 15 participants.



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