You are…
Usted Es…

Lily Chair

Silla lirio

Erwine and Estelle Laverne, 1957

Erwine y Estelle Laverne, 1957

You are so Trendy!
You keep up with all the fads
and like to stay relevant.

¡Usted está muy a la moda!
Está al tanto de todas las
novedades y le gusta seguir vigente.

Erwine Laverne (1909-2003), Estelle Laverne (1915-1997), Laverne International, Limited (United States, active 1957-circa 1972). Lily Chair (95-LI) (Invisible Group), 1959, molded acrylic, polyester upholstery. Collection of the Thomas and Diane DeMell Jacobson Ph.D. Foundation. L2022.48.20