Latin Music @ the Mint: Virtual Concert

Latin Music @ the Mint

This program seeks to showcase different rhythms from Latin America, highlighting the talents of local musicians from the Latin American community. From classical music to Latin jazz, these concerts will provide a taste of the variety of cultures from all the corners of Latin America. This virtual concert showcases special guests Orquesta Mayor. Feel free to dance and sing along!

Order of songs performed:
Llego la banda
Arrecotin Arrecotan
Que sera lo que quiere el negro
Vivir mi vida

Members of Orquesta Mayor include:
Raul Verano-Peru
Frankie Martinez-P.R
Martin Donate-P.R
Vivian Cortes-P.R
Allan Rodriguez- Nicaragua
Tyrone Marquez-Ecuador
Viviana Donate-P.R
Laura Villamil-Colombia
Jorge Espinosa -P.R
Jolanta Wilson-USA
Serena Wikey-USA
Helder Serralde-Mexico (Director)