Ajané K. Williams: Sublimations of Spacetime

Ajané K. Williams’ art is out of this world. Her artist’s statement reveals that she “came to Planet Earth … to show humanity how to find their higher self and travel to the edge of infinity using the power of our own consciousness.”

Naturally curious, Williams immerses herself in the unfamiliar. The self-described “space and time traveler” is a DJ (DJ Nebula), video artist, and Afrofuturist painter. She sees Afrofuturism as “a cultural aesthetic that combines African American culture with futuristic, innovative ideas.”

She finds working in the genre therapeutic and her work is garnering national attention. It was part of the “Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition” at the Chicago Science and Industry Museum.

“Every time I make something, it’s healing to me as a Black woman [who suffers] from generational and karmic curses from my family lineage. Afrofuturism is healing my Black self, and – I hope – healing humanity,” she says.

Williams was born in 1999 on a military base in Fort Stewart, Georgia and spent her youth in Alaska, both Carolinas, Germany, Japan and Korea. After graduating with a BFA in painting from UNC Charlotte, she moved to Columbia, South Carolina, where she currently lives.

She’s fascinated by UFOs, death, the afterlife, and reincarnation. A related belief is that “children born within your own family might be here to finish something a past family member wasn’t able to complete.”

Such is the case in her family. Her great grandfather, Harvey Williams, was a left-handed painter, as is she. He was a surrealist who painted gospel and jazz album covers. He couldn’t afford to be an artist and support his family, so he gave up art. Williams believes she’s here to fulfill his purpose. Another late relative was a DJ; Williams feels she’s meant to finish his work, too. Here is a look at a day in her life.

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