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MyLoan Dinh’s sculptures and collages embody her life experiences.

In 1975, she and her mother, father, and brother escaped Vietnam by boat as Saigon fell. Dinh recounts, “For 6 days, we were forbidden to dock because the ships belonged to the now-defunct South Vietnamese government. We were stateless.” Finally, officers on the USS Kirk “followed their moral compass” and allowed them to join their fleet. Thirty former South Vietnamese Navy ships and dozens of cargo and fishing boats “lowered the Vietnamese flag and were given the American one.” With that simple gesture, her homeland was erased and a new one replaced it.

This fragility of homeland, identity, and perceptions around nationality constitute the core of Dinh’s themes. She explores them, along with the systemic racism embedded in countries formed by colonial practices, in poignant works that merge contemporary art traditions and traditional craft methods. Combining utilitarian objects that connote durability—tools, envelopes, life jackets, a passport—with eggshells, embroidery, and fabric, Dinh grapples with the fragility of responsibility, the messiness of hope, and the resilience of committing to personal convictions to find stable ground from which to connect with others.

From there, Dinh proposes, “Despite our differences, together we can negotiate a common goal for a common good.”

Follow MyLoan Dinh on Instagram: @myloandinh or check out her website:

En Route

MyLoan Dinh’s recent catalogue En Route includes a forward from The Mint’s Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art, Jen Sudul Edwards. A PDF version of the catalogue can be viewed be clicking the button below.


Plaza level:

  • At Your Service, 2021, collage on melamine plate. Courtesy of Artist.

2nd floor:

  • Mama Says, 2019, quilted fabric, hand embroidery, acrylic and oil on canvas. Courtesy of Artist.
  • Collective History, 2019, quilted fabric, hand embroidery, mesh, paper, acrylic, and oil on canvas. Courtesy of Artist.


  • Identity, 2016, passport, eggshells. Courtesy of Artist.
  • Take Out, Courtesy of Artist.
  • Presorted, second class, 2020, Paper envelopes, eggshells, acrylic. Courtesy of Artist.

3th floor:

  • (re)-constructing the space in-between, 2021, hammers, mallets, axes, eggshells. Courtesy of Artist.

Constellation CLT is designed to connect visitors of The Mint Museum with the universe of talent in the local community.

Now in its third year, Constellation CLT is an exhibition series designed to connect visitors to The Mint Museum with artists in our community, as well as activate the public spaces of the museum. The installations rotate three times per year and can be seen in five places at Mint Museum Uptown: at the foot of the atrium escalator; on the landings of the Mezzanine and 3rd levels; and in the Museum Store.

Constellation CLT is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.