A staff art show that showcases a diverse range of responses to the thought-provoking question, "what does justice mean to you?"

This year, we challenged our staff to create pieces that represent the specific flavor of justice they are most passionate about. The concept of justice encompasses various aspects of life, including social, political, environmental, animal, cultural, religious, personal and historical justice, just to name a few. In Flavors of Justice, we engage in an important dialogue, highlighting the impact of injustice and inspiring us to question, reflect, and empathize.

Flavors of Justice is more than just an exhibition; it is a call for understanding, an invitation to share a safe space filled with relevance, belonging, respect and due diligence. The journey to justice is one of self-reflection, where we decide to uphold what is right and call action to what is wrong. It is also a collective effort, as we, the people, are responsible for holding ourselves and each other accountable in finding creative and just ways to appreciate the complexities that propel us forward.

As you explore the depths and heights of this journey through justice, the hope is that each visitor leaves with a broader perspective, a renewed desire to contemplate their own understanding of justice, and ways to personally contribute to a more just world.

This art show may feature nudity, explicit language, and/or sensitive depictions of justice. Although these portrayals are not meant to be offensive, we embrace a wide range of expressive art forms.