Crista Cammaroto: Terra Forma

March 30 - July 7, 2019

Mint Museum Uptown


Crista Cammaroto: Terra Forma

These framed archival inkjet prints are sumptuous details of Crista Cammaroto’s striking Terra Forma installations. In these images, she preserves the ephemeral beauty of what is actually a fleeting event, as many of the elements in a Terra Forma earthwork will wither and fade over time.

The Terra Forma series began in 2016 and continues today. I pull forms out of the existing environment, inspired by the events of the day and the ecosystem around me for the choice a “drop.” The drop involved placing a ring to create a formal circumference: a terra form, a spherical boundary, a cell, a reference to the earth that sustains us despite our interference. I begin the terra forms as a sensing and experience of place, restricting myself primarily to what nature provides as materials from each form. I dig and mold the earth, later placing surrounding flora, and it becomes a very physical meditation.
-Crista Cammaroto

Constellation CLT can be seen in four places at Mint Museum Uptown: at the foot of the atrium escalator, on the landings of the mezzanine, and the 4th Levels.

Cammaroto will also create temporary Terra Forma installations in the atrium of the Mint Museum Uptown from April 17-28 and later in the spring at Mint Museum Randolph.

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Exhibition is on view from March 30, 2019 – July 7, 2019 at Mint Museum Uptown

Terra Forma installation will be moved to Mint Museum Randolph later in the spring.