Artist in Residence Motoi Yamamoto

February 18 - March 3, 2013

Mint Museum Uptown


Beginning on February 18, 2013, Motoi began work on an ambitious Saltwork, entitled Floating Garden, directly on the floor of the Morrison Atrium at Mint Museum Uptown.

The public was welcomed to observe the creation of his work from many dynamic vantage points within the building.

The community celebrated the completion of Floating Garden and the opening of a smaller, long-term installation of his work.

On March 3, 2013 at 1:30PM, members of the community were invited to dismantle the Saltwork and deposit their portion to a body of water, thereby returning the salt to the natural cycle of life and transformation.

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Watch a full timelapse of “Floating Garden” saltwork by Motoi Yamamoto at Mint Museum Uptown.