Shinichi Sawada: Agents of Clay

April 27 - August 11, 2024

Mint Museum Randolph


Hovering between human-animal and spirit god forms, artist Shinichi Sawada creates ceramic sculptures that explore a millennia-old tradition of Japanese pottery and the Shigaraki kilns.

Sawada is a Japanese ceramic artist who began creating ceramics in 2000 as part of a government program to help physically challenged and/or neurodivergent individuals to find employment and to sustain independent lives. For the last two decades, Sawada has produced alluring, mesmerizing figures covered in eyes and densely patterned with chopstick-traced lines. 

This modest exhibition of about 30 of Sawada’s sculptures—representing variations in size and spanning about a decade—create a fantastical array of forms and features that echo elements of outsider art seen throughout the world and throughout art history, while also offering the opportunity to explore the specific tradition of Japanese pottery in the mountains where Sawada works.

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