Mint members are invited to join Brian Gallagher, senior curator of Decorative Arts, on a tour of his new exhibition, The Delhom Service League: 50 Golden Years. The installation, on view at Mint Museum Randolph, showcases historical porcelain from England, France, and Germany, as well as extraordinary examples of contemporary North Carolina pottery. Over its half-century of support toward the museum, the league funded these and other important works of art for the Mint’s permanent collection.

Members are invited to enjoy a discussion and walking tour with Ajané K. Williams showing her Constellation CLT series Sublimations of Spacetime. Ajané K. Williams is a Gen Z Afro-futurist painter, performance DJ, and video artist. Sublimations of Spacetime provides a twilight zone of enigmas reimagined such as UFOs, ancestral spirits, wormholes, and landscapes of higher dimensions. Williams’s instinctive fascination with unseen entities behind the veil and otherworldly civilizations sparked her mission to use her work as a catalyst to promote spiritual healing and consciousness evolution in a present world of chaos on Planet Earth. This discussion will provide insight into how the metaphors of her paintings spark an introspective intervention on humanity and the next step of our evolution in the astrological Age of Aquarius.