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Chaos and Order


Tom Nakashima (American, 1941 - present)

Tom Nakashima creates his enticing images through a process of revealing and concealing. He affixes a layer of found images to the board, then applies layers of paint, which he scrapes and scores to reveal the image below. In this painting he has also added newspaper fragments. Through this additive and subtractive method imagery emerges and evolves. In this monumental painting, Nakashima heralds the dead blackbird, which is entombed within a pile of precariously balanced logs. Nakashima conjures associations of consumption and conservation, death and life and entropy and harmony.

oil paint, gilding (material), newspaper {component material}

Measurements:    height: 79.75 inches    width: 100.5 inches    depth: 2 inches

Gift of Tom Nakashima and Hodges Taylor Gallery 2009.44

Not currently on view