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Wedding Ensemble

circa 1845-1855

Unknown English Maker (, - present)

The tradition of a "white wedding" began in the 19th century as did the idea of wearing a gown created for that occasion. The style of the gown followed that of the current fashion with designs that emphasized purity, discretion and modesty. This ensemble survived intact with all the elements of wedding dress that the bride deemed as keepsakes to treasure. Included among the articles is the tournure, or bustle drape that grew in popularity from the 1850s through the 1880s. They were made of the same fabric and trim of a dress; lace examples also survive.

Place object was created: Great Britain

tarlatan, silk ribbon, fringe, cotton, leather, artificial flower

Museum Purchase: Funds Provided by Lyn Mack. 2000.32.1.1-7

Currently on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH