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Delhom Service League: Wedgwood, Part 3

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Monday, Mar 23


Admission: FREE

Wedgwood, Part 3

Daisy Bridges will give her third, and final, presentation on Wedgwood.

"My talks on Wedgwood will discuss 18th-century wares, design sources, shipments to America, and how Jasper was made with particular attention to rare items and commemorative designs. Emphasis on the Neo-Classical period, and how it pertains to the Age of Enlightenment and relates to the ancient Republics of Greece and Rome, will be considered. I will look at Josiah Wedgwood's interpretation of the style, philosophy, and politics."

IMAGE: The Portland Vase, England, Wedgwood, about 1790. Museum no. Circ.732-1956. Modeled by William Hackwood (1757?-1839) and Henry Webber (1754-1826) Jasper with black 'dip' and white reliefs. Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum.