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Delhom Service League: South African Ceramics

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Monday, Oct 20


Admission: FREE

South African Ceramics: Diverse Roots, Global Intersections

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Perrill, Associate Professor of Art History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dr. Perrill will explore the hand-built traditions that may be more along the expectations many have of African ceramics, but still touch on the "Anglo-Oriental" and studio traditions that are driving an amazingly vibrant ceramics culture in contemporary South Africa. 

Presented by the Delhom Service League, the ceramics affiliate of The Mint.

Image: Clive Sithole. Uphiso, 2007, burnished ceramic, 44.5 x 35 cm. Indiana University Art Museum collection. Photograph by Michael Cavenagh and Kevin Montague.