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Mini Masters Workshops, Wednesday Afternoon Series

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Wednesday, Feb 19

1:30PM - 2:45PM

Admission: SOLD OUT!

Four Wednesday afternoons. 1:30 -2:45 PM.  Ages 3-5, accompanied by an adult.

Young artists and their adult companions investigate art in a museum gallery, explore new art techniques in the classroom, and take home their unique creation! A new topic is explored each month during this 4 class series. Juice will be served.

February 19 - Royal Africa- Draw, paint, and decorate colorful jewelry fit for a king or queen, and head off to Africa to see a beautifully beaded royal cap and other royal gear in the museum!

March 19 - Make a Face! Inspired by fabulously funny face jugs in the NC Pottery exhibition, we'll use air-dry clay, fun tools and our imaginations to construct a silly clay portrait.

April 23 - Wild Things - Go on safari through the museum in search of elusive wild animals in the art, and play with texture rubbings and sponge painting to craft a cute crocodile!

May 21 - Modern Art Masterpieces - Let's pull out the paints, brushes, and some unexpected painting tools and throw a painting party! Artists and their adults will each have their own canvas, and we'll collaborate on a mural too!

Also available: Wednesday Morning Series, Thursday Afternoon Series

Registration required. Please use our secure online registration, or call 704.337.2107 to register by phone.