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Co-Curators’ Dialogue

Mint Museum UPTOWN

Sunday, Mar 3

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Admission: Free for Mint members or after museum admission

Registration required. Please register online below.

Antoni Miralda, celebrated artist and director of FoodCultura in Barcelona, and Annie Carlano, Mint Museum Director of Craft + Design, co-curated the exhibition F.O.O.D., and will discuss its theme, some of the selected objects, and the unique installation design. FoodCultura is a research center and collection of objects from around the world related to food. The center lent more than half the objects included in the exhibition.


Registration required. Please register online above.


Image: Annie Carlano and Miralda inside the Mint Museum Uptown Shop, by Diedra Laird of The Charlotte Observer.