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Special Collections from the Museum Library and Archives

The Special Collections of The Mint Museum Library and Archives encompass publications and materials ranging from the 17th century to the 21st century and are unique or rare items which have a particular importance to the museum, its history, and its object collections.

The Library Special Collections include scarce historical texts, limited edition artist’s books, first editions, and elaborately-bound special editions. Due to their scarcity, value, age, and many cases, fragility, they are kept separately from the books and journals in the library’s general collections.

The Mint Museum Archives is itself a special collection as its holdings are unique to this institution. The Archives includes documents, scrapbooks, photographs, videos, ephemera, and even objects, which tell the story of The Mint Museum in our community.

The Special Collections of The Mint Museum Library and Archives are hidden collections which we are delighted to bring to public view. Besides their own intrinsic value, items from the library and archives provide context for objects and artists in the museum’s object collections.

Various items from both the library and archives will be exhibited on a rotating basis at Mint Museum Randolph. For more information about The Mint Museum Library and Archives, visit their pages on this web site or even better, come visit!

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