As we retreated to our homes in the midst of a global pandemic, perspectives changed and new views evolved.

The usual became unusual. We saw familiar things with new eyes. New Days, New Works celebrates these renewed perspectives for objects that we surround ourselves with each day and never-before-seen works of art from The Mint Museum’s collections, including a number of gifts from individual and corporate donors.

More than 80 works of art — including photography and sculptures from international artists, vivid paintings, fashion accessories and stunning ceramics — evoke emotions and a new perspective for a new day.

The exhibition is a juxtaposition of color, material, time and place, from the recently acquired Arco by Puerto Rican artist Cristina Cordova to the strikingly colorful acrylic painting With Side, With Shoulder by Brooklyn-based artist Summer Wheat to Pilar Albarracín’s Ceiling of Offerings, a large-scale installation made up of hundreds of colorful flamenco dresses that hang from the ceiling.

New Days, New Works is organized by The Mint Museum and kicks off a year-long celebration of gifts in the Mint’s collections — American, contemporary, craft, design and fashion, and decorative arts — that represent the broad diversity of artwork that defines The Mint Museum.

Each object in New Days, New Works celebrates our relationships with individual donors, corporations, foundations and support groups that are all part of The Mint Museum community. We appreciate their generosity and the collection’s presence in our lives, even more after being away for so long.

You are part of our community, too, and we are profoundly grateful that you have joined us today. Welcome back.

Interested in learning more?

Learn more at Mintwiki: New Days, New Works. Provided by The Mint Museum Library.