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Romare Bearden Shop

Romare Bearden (1911 - 1988) was born in Charlotte and the influence of the area which he visited many times can be seen in works such as “Carolina Shout.” Best known for his work in photomontage and collage, Bearden is an internationally acclaimed American artist. This African American gentleman was also a prolific writer of political and artistic essays. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan awarded Bearden the National Medal of Arts. The Mint Museum is proud to have over 50 works by Bearden, one of the largest public holdings. In addition to organizing numerous Bearden shows, the Museum has had a gallery showcasing the artist’s work since 2003.

  • Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections

    Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections

    Carla Hanzal, Glenda Gilmore, Jae Emerling, Lesley King-Hammond, and Mary Lee Corlett

    This catalogue represents 90 works drawing on the Mint Museum and other public and private collections of Bearden’s work. As well as numerous stylistic influences, this volume focuses on how Bearden’s childhood in North Carolina served as a key source for inspiration for him throughout his life. 2011 Mint Museum Publication

    144 pages | 140 color illustrations
    9.5 x 12 inches

    $44.95 | non-members | Hardcover #3347
    $40.46 | members                                                               

    $35.00 | non-members | Softcover #3348
    $31.50 | members

  • Modernist 2236


    Romare Bearden Foundation

    Essays and excerpted conversations from the Romare Bearden Foundation Symposium in Chicago in 2007, regarding both technique and importance of Bearden’s work. Presenters at the Symposium included scholars in the fields of art, literature, music, and history. Chapter topics cover politics, the modernist tradition, African and African American Art, artistic technique, and musical influence. 2007

    Softcover | 8.5 x 11 inches
    133 pages | 35 color

    $30.00 | non-members #2236
    $27.00 | members

  • Recollections of Romare Bearden 4098


    The simplistic black paper cover of The Mint Museum’s proprietary publication features a glimpse of a cropped portrait of Romare Bearden. Like the cover, interviews with David C. Driskell, Herb Jackson, and Jerald Melberg offer a unique, innovative look at a remarkable man. 2002 

    Softcover | 8 x 10 inches
    63 pages | 12 illustrations; 6 color

    | non-members #4098
    $9.00 | members

  • Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden 1452


    Essay by Mary Lee Corlett

    A brief preliminary text is followed by over seventy-five full color images. This publication presents a selected body of prints that examines the ways that Bearden experimented, innovated, and collaborated on his journey toward mastery of the print medium. 2009 

    Hardcover | 9 x 10.25 inches
    136 pages | 105 illustrations; 91 color

    | non-members #1887
    $31.50 | members

  • Romare Bearden Celebrating the Victory 2004


    Myron Schwartzman

    Bearden crossed paths with artists, composers, and prominent jazz and blues musicians, who became his friends and muses. In this deeply personal biography, the author has drawn on his own conversations with the artist to help us understand how Bearden was able to translate his experiences as a twentieth-century African-American into a body of truly victorious art. 1999

    Hardcover | 7.75 x 9.25 inches
    144 pages | 46 illustrations; 27 color

    $12.95 | non-members #2004
    $11.66 | members

  • Address Book the art of Romare Bearden 134


    The Art of Romare Bearden

    Heavy weight tabbed section dividers are adorned front and back with forty full color images of works spanning from 1941 to 1984. A brief introduction to the artist precedes the entry sections which are delineated by alternating blue or white backgrounds and provide space for Name, Address, E-Mail, Work and Home Phones, Fax and Cell/Pager numbers. Canvas covered spiral binding lies flat when open.

    Hardcover | 7 x 8.5 inches
    122 pages

    $19.95 | non-members #134
    $17.96 | members

  • Romare Bearden Small Address Book 154


    Cover features Autumn Lamp (Guitar Player), 1983. Entry sections provide space for Name, Address, E-Mail, Work and Home Phones, Fax and Cell/Pager numbers. Royal blue spiral binding lies flat or is held closed with an elasticized band. Perfectly sized for travel. No images except for cover.

    Hardcover | 4 x 5.25 inches
    109 pages

    $6.95 | non-members #154
    $6.26 | members