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Crafts of the Carolinas

The Carolinas have a long history of crafts. If you have ever visited the area, you are familiar with the red dirt of the Carolina soil. The bain of the farmers’ existence, this hard clay runs through the region has provided the raw materials for generations of potters. North Carolina maintains the only continuing pottery tradition in the United States outside the Native American tradition of the Southwest . This rich and revered heritage laid the groundwork for modern artists specializing in many media: glass, wood, jewelry, metal, and of course pottery. The Mint Museum Shops are proud of our collection of regional artists and we are delighted to share this tradition with you.

  • Berry Bowl

    Berry Bowl

    Hamilton Williams

    This perforated bowl and its matching saucer are designed to allow air to flow around fresh fruit, but look just as lovely sitting on a table to be admired. The berry bowl is very popular as a wedding or housewarming gift. Hamilton’s unique glaze technique results in a field of deep cobalt blue enhanced by waves of lighter blue, burgundy, khaki, or eggplant.

    Valdese, NC | Bowl with 9 inch diameter | Saucer with 6.5 inch diameter

    $48.00 | non-members #286
    $43.20 | members 

  • Face Pitcher

    Face Pitcher

    Jeff and Linda Potts

    A functional, whimsical take on the Southern Folk Art tradition of Face Jugs. Glazed in Potts Pottery’s signature cobalt blue, this chubby guy is a welcome guest in any home.

    Seagrove, NC | 7.25 inches high

    $85.00 | non-members #1850
    $76.50 | members 

  • Dogwood Pins

    Dogwood Flower Pin

    Kathleen Horner

    Horner has captured the delicacy of North Carolina’s state flower in this beautiful pin. Kathleen carefully crafts each piece from paper and then hand paints them to achieve the blossom’s delicate blush. Please specify your preference of WHITE or PINK dogwood blossom. Other flowers are available; please call the Shops to inquire.

    Greenville, SC | 3 inch diameter

    $22.00 | non-members #1420
    $19.80 | members 

  • Egg Separator

    Egg Separator

    Jeff and Linda Potts

    Crack an egg into my head and pour the white out of my mouth…the yolk stays inside me! A best seller for over 15 years, this whimsical kitchen friend can also hold toothpicks at a cocktail party or a roll of stamps on your desk (just pull them out of his mouth like a tongue). Handmade by Jeff and Linda Potts of Seagrove, NC, each face is unique. Your new little friend is glazed the Potts' signature cobalt blue.

    Seagrove, NC | 3 inches high

    $12.50 | non-members #603
    $11.25 | members 

  • rectangular dish

    Flat Rectangular Dish

    Hamilton Williams

    Made to be used, and used often! Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, it will be your favorite dish for all seasons. Unique glaze technique results in a field of deep cobalt blue enhanced by waves of lighter blue, burgundy, khaki, and eggplant.

    Valdese, NC | Large Dish 7 x 13.5 inches | Small Dish 4.25 x 9 inches

    $28.00 | non-members | Small Dish #2624
    $25.20 | members

    $55.00 | non-members | Large Dish #554
    $49.50 | members

  • Witches Ball

    Glass Witch's Ball

    Virgil Jones

    Depending upon your intent, this style of glass ornament is known as a Witch’s Ball or Fairy Ball. Tradition has it that a Witch’s Ball protects from evil spirits, which get entangled in the delicate drawn glass threads inside the orb, while a Fairy Ball attracts the creatures who are delighted by the iridescent globe. Witch’s Balls come in a variety of colors.

    Green Mountain, NC | 5 x 6 inches

    $28.00 | non-members #384
    $25.20 | members