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Rights and Reproductions

Rights and Reproductions

All images published on The Mint Museum (Mint Museum Randolph and Mint Museum Uptown) Web site are property of the Mint Museum of Art, Inc. Many are protected under U.S. copyright law. For information regarding the publishing and/or commercial use of any image in The Mint Museum's collection, please contact the Registration Assistant by email. All requests for image reproduction must be made in writing, including name of the requestor, the intended use, the author/publisher, expected date of publication, requested collection image, and photography format.

Permission to reproduce an image for publication is contingent upon payment of the assigned fees. Payment is due upon receipt of the Invoice and Application for Permission to Publish. The requested materials will be sent upon receipt of payment in the form of a check (made out to Mint Museum of Art) payable in U.S. dollars, Visa or MasterCard, or a money order. Foreign payments must be made in the form of an International or U.S. Postal Money Order or a check in U.S. dollars written on a U.S. bank that is a member of the American Banking Association (ABA). Allow 2-4 weeks for processing. Large or complex orders for which new photography is required may take longer.


The Mint Museum does not own copyright for all works in the collection. The Mint Museum's charges do not include any copyright fees due to the artist or the artist’s estate. While the Museum Registration Department will assist the applicant with contact information, it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission from the copyright owner or administrator. The applicant must furnish written proof of permission granted to the Museum Registration Department.

Photography of works from The Mint Museum's collection may not be reproduced without the express written permission of this institution, and that of the copyright holder. Copying or redistribution in any form for personal or corporate gain is prohibited.

Please direct all collection image inquiries and requests to:
Registration Assistant
The Mint Museum
2730 Randolph Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: (704) 337-2065
Fax: (704) 337-2101

Media inquiries may be directed to:
Public Relations and Publications Manager at (704) 337-2009 or by email

The Mint Museum Photographic Fee Schedule

Digital Photography

New Photography - $275.00

Reproduction Fees

Color, one-time commercial use reproduction fee - $150.00


Permission to Reproduce (Not-for-Profit Use/Scholarly Use) - $150.00
Permission to Reproduce (Independent Use) - $300.00
Permission to Reproduce (Commercial Use) - $800.00

Thank you for your interest in the collection of The Mint Museum.