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circa 1975-1985

Charles B. Craven (American, 1909 - 1991)

Charles Boyd Craven, son of Daniel Zebedee and brother to Lester Farrell, was a seventh-generation Craven potter, often referred to as “the last Craven turning.” He worked with his father until he was about eighteen, and then left to turn wares at other shops. When he retired in 1973, he bought an electric wheel and set up a small shop in his backyard in Raleigh. He turned pots for such shops as Teague’s, Tobacco Road, M. L. Owens, and Jugtown.

Charles sometimes collaborated with Ernestine Hilton Sigmon during his years at Tobacco Road. He turned, and she then painted scenes on the unfired pieces. A middleman coordinated their efforts, and so Charlie and Ernestine never met.

Place object was created: Raleigh, NC


Measurements:    height: 5.375 inches    width: 4.125 inches

Gift of the Mint Museum Auxiliary and Daisy Wade Bridges from the Collection of Walter and Dorothy Auman H1983.190.1841

Not currently on view