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Early Knife

circa 1968

Gary L. Noffke (American, 1943 - present)

Noffke was particularly influenced by the acclaimed metalsmith Brent Kington who is credited for the resurgence of blacksmithing as an art form in America. Noffke studied under Kington during graduate school at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale. Noffke states:

“Brent (Kington) was really a keen person who liked texture in metal. I remember early in my work at Carbondale his dislike for shiny, clean, perfect nothingness in the surface of any form of metal. I had his encouragement to attack the surface, expressively and do what was natural for me. I remember him explaining that one scratch in the surface of those perfectly executed works, destroyed their intent and not until they had years of use did they have any character…that attitude fit mine perfectly. My early experiences in painting, drawing, and particularly printmaking were easy and logical to apply to surfaces in metal.”

steel (alloy), ebony wood, copper

Measurements:    height: .75    width: .125    length: 10.5

Gift of the Artist 2011.3.1

Not currently on view