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Peonies and Velvet


Laura C. Hills (American, 1859 - 1952)

Laura Coombs Hills was an important and active member of Boston’s artistic community in the opening decades of the 20th century. Early in her career she worked as a commercial artist, producing designs for products ranging from posters and greeting cards to needlepoint patterns, calendars and candy boxes, as well as illustrations for children’s books. But Hills is most highly regarded for her portrait miniatures and for lush floral pastels like Peonies and Velvet.

While their adherence to realism, rich colors, and beautiful draftsmanship ensured that Hills’ floral still lifes would conform to popular taste, the best of them, like this one (which is also among the largest that Hills ever produced), also feature carefully-balanced compositions and sensitive harmonies of color.

pastel, paper (fiber product)

Measurements:    height: 28.5 inches    width: 23 inches    frame height: 36.00 inches    frame width: 30.00 inches

Museum Purchase: Mint Museum Auxiliary Fund 2009.2

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN