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table, notebook, and pencil


Robert Lazzarini (American, 1965 - present)

Robert Lazzarini’s sculptures are at once strikingly
recognizable yet eerily unfamiliar. He makes use of planar
distortion and meticulous patinas to create uncanny sculptures
like Table, Notebook, and Pencil. The sculptures seem to
shift and collapse as the viewer moves and changes vantage
points—there is never a perspective from which the viewer is
able to see the object as it should ordinarily look. Lazzarini has
developed a unique approach that combines both traditional
and technological methods of sculpture. Beginning with an
image of an ordinary object, in this case a table, Lazzarini
employs computer design programs to digitally alter the image,
then uses the resulting images to create three–dimensional
forms via a method of computer–generated model–making,
which become the basis for the final life–sized sculptures.

mixed media, wood, pigment

Measurements:    height: 56 inches    width: 45 inches    depth: 41 inches

Gift of Linda Van Art 2007.96.2

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN