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Gentleman's Three-Piece Formal Suit with Attached Wig Bag and Lace Cuffs (Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches)

circa 1780

(, - present)

This velvet suit is a rare surviving example of a gentleman's eighteenth century formal attire complete with its "wig-bag" pouch attached at the back neckline of the coat. Male hairstyles of the 1780s were often fashioned with long hair pulled back into a ponytail, known in the eighteenth century by the French term queue. Wig bags either covered the queue or served as a buffer to protect costly fabrics from contact with the natural hair oil.

Place object was created: Great Britain

velvet, silk, silk satin ribbon, silk lace

Measurements:    shoulder width: 16 inches    sleeve length: 24.5 inches    center back length: 37 inches    length: 29 inches

Museum Purchase: Auxiliary Costume Fund 2005.6A-C

Currently on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH