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Random Walk


Reinaldo Sanguino (Venezuelan, 7/20/1973 - present)

Venezuelan born artist, now New York City resident Reinaldo Sanguino creates a diverse array of ceramics ranging from the functional to the sculptural. "I am interested in using clay as a way of capturing time, recording everyday events, and shaping a personal history…Recognizing that the smallest detail of the urban fabric has imbedded within it the history of daily life in the city, I interpret them in my ceramics both to come to a better understanding of my place within this fabric and also to record a bit of its history."

Comprising an eclectic assemblage of figural elements. The viewer is greeted by a graffiti-laden brick wall, which references Sanguino's own contemporary urban environs. An abstracted scull-like form, scrawled with the word "Mutt" alludes to French artist Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, the Modern Movement's iconic 1917 porcelain urinal. Christ, Pochahontas, and Blue Boy emerge from opposing ends of the ruins, the whole composition punctuated with organic elements, such as a tree, coral, and mushrooms, which are scattered throughout. Random Walk beautifully records history and history in the making.

Melissa G. Post, Curator
Mint Museum of Craft + Design

clay, mixed media, glaze

Measurements:    height: 32 inches    width: 18 inches    depth: 28 inches

Gift of Mark Dean, Dean Project and Rick and Dana Davis, Davis Steel and Iron in honor of Mark Leach and The Mint Museum Staff 2005.67

Not currently on view