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Lucy Sarneel (Dutch, 1961 - present)

This brooch, which features asters, demonstrates Lucy Sarneel’s inventiveness with materials and her interest in the similarities among different forms in nature. Five seashells are set like gems or petals around a center made of silver wire. Their radial symmetry is altered by their varying sizes, lending an organic feel to the composition. On either side, rectangles of silver are lined with printed fabric whose pattern of asters and irregular geometric shapes echoes the shell’s arrangement. The printed fabric is antique, imported to the Netherlands from India, and was used on traditional costumes in Dutch villages. Sarneel began to incorporate fabric from these costumes into her jewelry around 2003. (Allure of Flowers)

silver, cloth, shell, epoxy

Measurements:    height: 2 inches    width: 3.25 inches

Museum Purchase: Funds Provided by Susan C. Beech 2005.50.2

Not currently on view