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Human Effigy Cache Vessel

250-550 CE

(, - present)

The ritual burning of incense was an important aspect of ancient Mesoamerica ceremonial life. The favorite incense was C(lower case c?)opal, a resinous amber-like substance with a pleasant pine fragrance. This censer has two parts: the lower body would have held the copal and burning coals, the upper body forms the lid. Smoke would exit through the mouth, eyes, and a hole at the top of the head. Brackets on either side of the base suggests the entire censer would have been suspended.

Place object was created: Guatemala

earthenware, slip paint

Measurements:    height: 9.8818902969 inches    diameter: 6.023622036 inches

Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Francis Robicsek 2004.96.1A-B

Currently on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH