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The Illustrious Kites Made in Boxing Styles


Sam Gilliam (American, 1933 - present)

This sculpture commissioned by The Mint Museums from the preeminent color field painter, Sam Gilliam, is an orchestration of color and form. Upon visiting the Mint Museum of Art, Gilliam was inspired by the park-like setting of the grounds and chose to create a sculpture for the atrium's skylight reminiscent of exuberant box kites.

Place object was created: United States

golden fluid acrylic paint, flag bunting, cotton/polyester thread

Measurements:    length: 600 inches    width: 180 inches    depth: 96 inches

Museum Purchase: Exchange Funds from the Gifts of Harry and Mary Dalton, David M. Dalton, Dr. and Mrs. Tibor Ham, the Charlotte Debutante Club, Mrs. William Dexter, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogers, L. Bradley Camp and Gifts from the North Carolina Arts Council, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Belnavis, Mrs. Jeanne Brayboy, Dr. and Mrs. Raleigh Bynum, Dr. Gwyn Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gantt, Dr. and Mrs. Tolly Kennon, Mrs. Mary Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Patterson, T. Michael Todd, Dr. and Mrs. Lester Wallace, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Watkins, Congressman and Mrs. Mel Watt, Dr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Webber, Jr., and Dee Dee Murphy 2004.53A-Q © Sam Gilliam 2004

Currently on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH