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Kristen and Abby


Julie Moos (Canadian, 11/25/1965 - present)

How can one determine whether a person is a friend or enemy? Are the subtle clues found in body language, hairstyle, and clothing the means to detect an affinity, or are these surface indicators meaningless? In 1999 photographer Julie Moos paired students from the graduating class of the Altamont School in Birmingham, Alabama, and experimented to see if the nuance of their relationship would materialize within the photograph. In an attempt to unravel the riddle, the viewer is compelled to search the subject's vague expressions, clothing styles and other superficial clues to surmise the nature of their relationship.

Place object was created: Birmingham, AL


Measurements:    height: 48 inches    width: 68 inches

Museum Purchase: Exchange Funds from the Gift of Harry and Mary Dalton 2004.16

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN