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Dave Drake (American, circa 1801 - circa 1875)

Dave was an African American slave who was owned by Harvey Drake and, later, by his brother Reuben, nephews of Dr. Abner Landrum. Dave worked in Dr. Landrum’s pottery and also at his newspaper, The Edgefield Hive. It was probably at this time that Dave learned to read and write. He became well known for creating large jars that he often inscribed with his name, the date, and occasionally an original poem. Freed from slavery at the end of the Civil War, he took the name “David Drake.” He continued to make pots until his death in the 1870s.

Place object was created: Edgefield, SC

stoneware, alkaline glaze

Measurements:    height: 14.5 inches    diameter: 11 inches

Museum Purchase: Exchange Funds from the Gift of the Mint Museum Auxiliary and Daisy Wade Bridges in memory of Walter and Dorothy Auman. 2002.112

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN