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On the Bridge


Chris Theiss (American, 1967 - present)

Chris Theiss creates sculptural ceramics that have a graphic sensibility and play with perspective. The focus is often on household objects, interiors or even entire homes. Theiss states, "Personal places are my subject matter. These familiar spaces that surround me in the present and resonate in my memory are deconstructed and then reconstructed into new forms." Frequently, works like On the Bridge, with its matt black and white surface, have a mysterious unnerving presence. This is enhanced by Theiss’ use of the technique called sgraffito. Sgraffito, which means scratched in Italian, is a decorative effect produced by scratching through a layer of slip to reveal the clay body underneath.

Place object was created: Mount Vernon, WA

earthenware, slip

Measurements:    height: 26.5 inches    width: 25 inches    depth: 15.5 inches

Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection 2001.92.152A-D © 1989 Chris Theiss

Not currently on view