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Richard Milette (Canadian, 1960 - present)

Richard Milette’s purely sculptural Teapot includes vignettes of roses and other flowers among the shards of decorated ceramics that surround its central form. Several of the vignettes depict men and women courting in outdoor settings; roses contribute to an overall mood of romance, sentimentality and femininity. The Teapot’s shape, subject matter, and expanses of vivid blue and pink reference Sèvres porcelain produced exclusively for royal and aristocratic use before the French Revolution in 1789. On the teapot and related works by Milette, these references connote the decadence, theatricality, and elitism of both art and society under France’s ancien régime. (Allure of Flowers)

Place object was created: Montreal, Quebec

earthenware, glaze, decal, luster glaze

Measurements:    height: 8.875 inches    width: 12.375 inches    depth: 6.75 inches

Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection 2001.92.107 © 1994 Richard Milette

Not currently on view