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Nine Patch Quilt and Stencil

circa 1830

Unknown American Maker (, - present)

This Nine Patch Quilt echoes the mid-nineteenth-century preference for regularity and order in garden and textile design, but the unknown American maker who stitched it has introduced innovation with the stenciled pattern in the center of each nine-patch repeat. Nine-patch quilt blocks initially contain nine equal squares, arranged three rows across and three down. A simple repeat will have just nine squares, but a more complex arrangement such as this quilt will further break down the squares to create a more complex overall design. There are several elements in this example that elevate the craftsmanship beyond a basic nine-patch quilt: the multi-colored fabric squares were appliquéd onto a simple white background; the full-blown rose with leaf and bud adornments were stenciled into the center; and then the layers were quilted together with intricate stitching. The beautiful full-blown red roses may symbolize beauty, love, and the comforts of home.

Place object was created: United States


Measurements:    height: 83 inches    width: 92 inches

Gift of Fleur and Charles Bresler 2000.62.5

Currently on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH