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Royal Blue Mint Chandelier


Dale P. Chihuly (American, 1941 - present)

Dale Chihuly’s popularity as a glass artist is unmatched. His vessels, sculpture, chandeliers and dramatic installations have captivated audiences worldwide. Chihuly’s work characteristically exhibits a fluidity, delicacy, and extravagance. Royal Blue Mint Chandelier embodies these classic elements. This suspended organic structure with its radiating tendrils contains approximately 318 hand-blown clear and blue glass pieces.

Place object was created: United States

glass, steel (alloy)

Measurements:    height: 116.5 inches    width: 120 inches    depth: 96 inches    weight: 620 lbs

Museum Purchase: Funds provided by Bank of America, Lisa S. and Dudley B. Anderson, Leslie and John Culbertson, Patty and Bill Gorelick, Deidre and Clay Grubb, Rochelle T. Grubb, Interstate Johnson Lane with Michael E. Blair and Robert A. Jones, Debbie and Pat Phillips, Kenneth R. and Ruth C. Samuelson, Nelson Schwab, III, Marc and Mattye Silverman, Bill and Pat Williamson, and Anonymous Donor in memory of Amy Dodds Wilson 1998.131 © Dale Chihuly 1998

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN