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Formal Suit

circa 1895-1905

A. Simon & Son (US, - present)

The frock coat held its position as accepted formal wear for daytime occasions such as day weddings and afternoon receptions as well as evening formal events. Frock coats were almost always black with the waistcoat either matching in color and cloth or designed in a contrasting color and fabric. Dark grey striped trousers were usually worn for daytime events with dark, matching trousers reserved for formal dinners, dances, or evening gatherings. In the 1890s, a gentleman’s well-constructed wool frock coat with matching vest was advertised for the price of $6.25 by Stern & Company of New York, Chicago and Cleveland. A man’s three-piece suit averaged between $7.50 and $15.

Place object was created: United States

wool (textile), silk satin

Measurements:    length: 45 inches    length: 20 inches    length: 44 inches

Gift of the Mint Museum Auxiliary, donated by Mrs. Robert Lassiter 1993.24.10A-C

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