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Gene Davis (American, 1920 - 1985)

A member of the Washington Color School, Gene Davis created hard- edged geometric paintings that explore "color intervals," or the rhythmic effects caused by the irregular appearance of colors within a composition. Jack-in-Box is comprised of uniform stripes of color that animate the canvas through a complex yet harmonious arrangement. Davis encourages viewers to enter his paintings by selecting a specific color and observing how it operates across the painting. "Approached this way," Davis states, "something happens…one must enter the painting through the door of a single color. And then, you can understand what my painting is all about."

Place object was created: United States

oil paint, canvas

Measurements:    height: 70.25 inches    width: 85.25 inches    smallest height: 69 inches    smallest width: 84 inches

Gift of Elinor F. Poindexter 1991.23.7 © Estate of Gene Davis

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN