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"Southern Pines" Vase


Newcomb Pottery (US, 1895 - 1940)

The Newcomb and Rookwood potteries exemplified the American Arts and Crafts Movement due to their emphasis on craftsmanship, hand-painted decorations, and simple forms. Both firms, however, employed decorators who also drew upon current popular styles in the world of fine arts as inspiration. In the early 20th century no artistic style was more popular than Tonalism: a fact that was certainly not lost on the artists who decorated the vases in this case, each of which features a design inspired by the hushed colors and suffused light of Tonalist paintings.

To see more examples of American ceramics from the Arts and Crafts period, please visit the Mint Museum Randolph.

Place object was created: United States


Measurements:    height: 8.5 inches

Daisy Wade Bridges Collection 1987.5.6

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN