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George Washington Codwise


Edward D. Marchant (American, 1806 - 1887)

By the middle part of the 19th century America had nurtured a surprising number of skilled portraitists, many of whom—like Edward Dalton Marchant—have faded into relative obscurity. Marchant was clearly a talented artist who had a knack for capturing his sitters’ likenesses with a somewhat dashing flair. He must also have been fairly well-regarded during his lifetime, for he is known to have painted at least four United States presidents from life, including Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson.

The sitter of this painting is likely the same George Washington Codwise (1801-1884) who graduated from Union College in 1822 and the college of physicians and surgeons in New York in 1825. He was listed as a surgeon in the US Navy from 1825-1861 and appears to have been a lawyer later in his life, as well as a member of the Society of Cincinnati.

Place object was created: United States

oil paint, canvas

Measurements:    frame height: 35.75 inches    frame width: 30.88 inches    smallest height: 30 inches    smallest width: 25 inches    frame depth: 2.375 inches

Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Landon, III 1986.56.2

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN