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Landscape with Trees and Dandelions


Charles E. Burchfield (American, 1893 - 1967)

While I feel strongly the personality of a given scene . . . my chief aim in painting it is the expression of a completely personal mood.
Charles Burchfield, 1945

Charles Burchfield’s career is typically divided into three periods. From 1915 until 1921 he focused on the exploration of his childhood impressions of nature and the development of a symbolic language to express the rhythms of the natural world. Between 1921 and 1943 Burchfield produced more salable canvases in the Regionalist idiom, which depicted the farms, villages, and cities of the Midwest. Finally, from 1943 until his death, he returned to the mystical Symbolism of his youth.

Landscape with Trees and Dandelions was produced during the latter period, in which Burchfield sought to make visible the underlying energies and rhythms of the natural world through the use of quivering lines and vibrant colors. This large-scale watercolor seems to hum with activity, from the bursts of energy emanating from the rows of dandelions in the foreground to the zig-zagging lines with which the artist has formed the foliage in the middle and backgrounds. By restricting his palette to a carefully-orchestrated range of blues, greens, and yellows Burchfield unified the scene and harmonized its various components while simultaneously suggesting the strength and warmth of the summer sunlight.

Place object was created: Ohio

watercolor, paper (fiber product)

Measurements:    frame height: 54.5 inches    frame width: 38 inches    image height: 43.5 inches    image width: 26.5 inches

Gift of the Mint Museum Auxiliary 1981.45 © Charles E. Burchfield 1959

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN