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Enignum Motion


Joseph Walsh (Irish, 1979 - present) Artist Dealer

Ash wood, lacquer {paint} Furniture assembled, bleached, oiled

Measurements:    height: 48 inches    width: 120 inches    depth: 19 inches

Project Ten Ten Ten commission. Museum Purchase with funds provided by the Board of Directors of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design: Laura Babb Grace and Mike Grace, Patty and Bill Gorelick, Paige and Hall Johnston, Deidre and Clay Grubb, Jeff Fagan, Jackie and Mike Wells, Patti Tracey and Chris Hudson, Shelly and Adam Landau, Libba and Mike Gaither, Susan and Loy McKeithen; Barbara and Jim Jamison, Arlene and Eric Oppenheim, and the Founders' Circle Cause 2009 contributors. 2010.85

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN