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Osolnik is considered a master in the field of woodturning, and has been turning wood since the 1940s when he used wood discarded from the local mill. From 1937-1943 he was a teacher of industrial arts at Berea College in Kentucky, where he developed new tools, faceplates, and fixtures for working on the lathe. In 1955 he received the Award of Good Design from the Furniture Association of America for his signature candlesticks. In 1961 he helped to establish the Kentucky Guild of Craftsmen. In the 1970s he experimented with laminated birch plywood and walnut veneers and became more interested in graphic linear designs. As his artistic career has progressed he has been one of the strongest leaders of the woodturning movement in the United States. He has been an active member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and the Southern Highlands Guild. Osolnik's work helped to elevate the hobby of woodturning to an important art movement. His techniques are still influential, as he continues to teach his famous candlestick design at American Woodturning Symposiums. Click here to watch a demonstration.
Three Candlesticks