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Moulthrop has combined his early love of woodturning with his professional career of architecture. After studying architecture at Princeton, he moved to Atlanta, GA in 1941 to teach architecture at Georgia Tech. He turns monumental, but simple pieces in order to reveal patterns and colors within the local southern wood that he uses. He has also developed chemical stabilizers to prevent shrinking and to stabilize the wood. Like Michelangelo, Moulthrop tries to free the vessel from the wood: " It can be said that each bowl already exists in the trunk of the tree, and one's job is simply to uncover it and somehow chip away the excess wood, much as you would chip away the surrounding stone to uncover a perfect fossil entombed in the stone."
Figured Tulipwood Ellipsoid
American Chestnut Ellipsoid
Morning Glory
Red Dawn Redwood Bowl
Saturn Bowl, Liriodendron Tulipifera