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Lindquist began turning wood in the late 1960s. Since 1983 he has worked in Quincy, Florida. Following a serious car accident in 1985, Lindquist redesigned his studio to include high-tech equipment and robotics to help him continue his art. His bowls, vessels, covered jars, totemic vessels, and sculpture show the artistic influence of Brancusi and the philosophical influence of Zen Buddhism. Like his father, he uses a spalted burl, a "partially decomposed wood which exhibits graphic patterns, and often rich, dark bold black lines (termed zone lines), frequently in calligraphic designs." Lindquist strives to transcend the common associations of wood to elevate his creations to art. "There is an element of surprise in wood. There is something to woodworking that is not only technically sophisticated but also incredibly primitive."
Captive #6C
Ancient Inner Anagogical Vessel Emerging
Small Totemic Sculpture
Chieftain’s Bowl
Ascending Bowl #7
Amalgam II